I have 17 years' experience cutting drama, factual and observational documentaries and particularly enjoy editing compelling human stories.

I have a strong sense of narrative and structure as well as an eye for detail and pacing. I am committed to my work, enthusiastic and enjoy working as part of a team. I enjoy cutting a variety of programs on all sorts of budgets and formats and I am used to work under pressure and to a deadline.


University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate First Certificate in English (grade B)

Military Service.

6 A levels. Titulo de Bachiller-C.O.U.-Selectividad.


1999-2001 Graduate from The London Film School:
Two years full-time Diploma Course on The Art and Technique of Filmmaking.


Languages: Spanish (native), English.

Full Driving Licence



I graduated from the London International Film School in January 2001. I started editing low budget short films whilst working as a runner, in a small postproduction facility called Head First, in Soho. Working in the machine room I learned everything about tape formats and decks; I became an Avid technical assistant and worked as an assistant editor on many projects. I also learnt to grade and online using their Avid Symphony.

I started working as a freelance editor in 2002 cutting observational and factual documentaries for The Community Channel, Sparkling Productions and Palm Pictures amongst others. I worked as a VT editor for the series Through the Keyhole (hosted by Sir David Frost) for BBC One. In August 2003 I cut my first prime time terrestrial TV documentary for BBC One; Car Wars (Mentorn-Folio).

Over the next 2 years I cut several "police shows" for them; as well as these BBC documentaries I also cut several films for Discovery Channel, Channel Five and two music documentaries for Palm Pictures and Perfect Balance.

In 2005 I joined Perfect Balance as a company director for 3 years. Over that period I continued cutting films for BBC, Channel 4 and Discovery and worked on award winning documentaries Laya and Trawlermen.

Since leaving Perfect Balance I have cut several Unreported World documentaries for Channel 4 as well as other observational documentaries and science films for Discovery and National Geographic.

Other highlights include high budget documentary How the Universe Works featuring Physicists Stephen Hawking and Michio Kaku amongst others, as well as a small human story Charlotte Story (nominated for an R.T.S. award) and big budget drama documentary 9/11 State of Emergency featuring Condoleezza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld.

Since 2014 I have been working mostly in Spain. I have edited and edit supervised award-winning documentary series Secret Amazon and Clandestine with David Beriain. During that time, I have also cut several feature length documentaries like Lost Army of the CIA and Humanity from Space for Discovery Max and PBS.

I have just finished two documentaries for Discovery Latinoamérica and I am working on the third season of Clandestine with David Beriain.

As well as editing work, I have taught audio visual narrative on several workshops for newspapers in Colombia (El Tiempo in Bogotá, El País in Cali, El Meridiano in Montería and La Opinión in Cúcuta).

Lost Army of the CIA Winner of the Award of Excellence by the Impact Docs Awards 2017

Clandestine Winner of an Iris Award for Best Production Series 2017

The Cocaine Path Winner of Best Editing and Best Feature Documentary - Jury at the Noida International Film Festival 2016

Secret Amazon Nominated to Best Current Affairs documentary series at the Real Screen Awards on 2016

My Secret Past (Jodie Marsh Bullied) - Longlisted for BAFTA Nomination in 2012 for best documentary

Embarrassing Bodies – Winner of Best Popular Factual Programme Award at the Annual Broadcast Awards

Charlotte’s Story – Nominated for an R.T.S. (Royal Television Society) for best documentary

Nominated for best TV Health Programme by the Guild Health Writers

Shortlisted for best Science Documentary (Grierson)

Trawlermen - Shortlisted for BAFTA Nomination in 2006 for best documentary

Laya Project - Founder's Choice Award at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival,

Best Film Award at the Byron Bay Film Festival

Black nor white - Awarded prize by the British Film Institute & Nehru Centre (Cultural Wing of Indian High Commission, London) for the Imagine Asia Short Film Competition 2002, London, UK.

Impulse Superdeform - Kodak Award in 2001

F.A.B. - British Short Film Festival 2000